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Call Bullfeathers for a quote on an antenna system

so that you can get your local networks for free

Each year the average person spends over 1,000 hours watching TV. Make it the best experience possible.

Dish Authorized Retailer

DISH Bullfeathers is dedicated to helping customers get the highest quality programming and the latest technology at the lowest price.

Do you need High Speed Internet? Bullfeathers offers DishNET and Eastern Shore Communications' Broadband Internet!

Do you have internet at home but can't access it from your garage, guest house or man cave? We now have your solution!

Bullfeathers has been serving Eastern Shore residents for 35+ years.

Authorized Retailer

"The system was set up promptly by your friendly staff, and has worked perfectly since. In terms of TV, the Hopper is the best thing ever." -Spencer Gurney

"I love that Hopper thing! I'm really happy that we upgraded. Barney, Tracy and Kelli are the best!" -Kathy Ciaccio

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